White Rose Wellness


Gandhari offers 30 years of experience in private practice as a registered massage therapist and energy healing pratitioner. She is well versed in healing techniques ranging from deep tissue massage to reflexology to cranial sacral therapy, energy balancing and clearing.

Gandhari is also a well-known professional astrologer, offering spritual counseling in health family, career and life path direction.

Walking into White Rose Wellness, people often say the environment is beautiful, quiet and peaceful.

 "It is my intention to help restore balance, resilience, strength, suppleness and ease to the physical body. Also, I use energy clearing techniques  to bring deep peace and relaxation through the holistic integration of the body/mind/spirit.  When we let go of mental tension and worry, our bodies naturally come back into balance and we regain peace of mind and physical vibrancy and well being.

"The symbol of a white rose came to me in meditation when I was visualizing what my new business would look and feel like.  White rose symbolizes purity, tranquility, peacefulness and unconditional love.  As a member of a yoga and meditation community for  30 years, I want to share an experience of these qualities with my friends and clients, as I strive to integrate them in my own life.

"Thank you, both to new clients and especially to my long time, loyal client /friends, for sharing this journey with me. You enrich my life with so many blessings and I look forward to growing and becoming more vibrantly healthy, balanced, prosperous and happy with you for many years to come!"

Gandhari Bouligny, Houston, Texas

281 217 2910
2715 Bissonnet, Suite 502, Houston, Texas, 77005, United States